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Danny & Robin
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                          No More Lost Socks
                           Yesterday I hunted for those missing socks, the ones you took off and whipped 
                           through the air. The socks took on a life all their own hibernating 
                           under your bed, the chair, your teddy bear.
                           In a few months my precious son you will graduate. You'll walk the path of 
                           dreams reaching high into clouds laced with hopes of success. I will
                           walk another path of memories you leave behind. I’ll remember the days
                           you struggled to keep the wheels straight on your new bike. And the
                           day you were thrown for a loop stepping on a rolling ball.
                           I still have time to find those lost socks matching the dirt marks with each 
                           one found. It’s no bother for I realize the search will soon end; I’ll 
                           miss my duties as mom. Nothing will ever replace the memories you leave 
                           Your search for self determination and definition will walk beside you as 
                           you look into options to succeed. Everyday will create new events and memories 
                           of your own. That first big break will come after many days of walking the beat 
                           for work. With every step taken a little voice in your gut will say, “glad I 
                           took some extra courses in night school.”
                           I look forward to the day you marry. Honor your vows and your lady dressed in 
                           white beside you; keep her content with praise and compliments every chance you 
                           get. Handle her flaws and mistakes with gentle concern. Discuss often your 
                           differences on any given matter. Tell her often how much you love her and laugh 
                           together at the differences between you. Compromise on how many children, or 
                           what kind of house you want; and understand the reason why. And post a guard of 
                           honor near your temper; walk away quietly should your guard leave you 
                           When both of you settle into the realm of love and hopeful goals never let 
                           aging nor the sight of a gray hair part your ways; both of you will feel 
                           youthful in your reflections; only time will dispense with a few wrinkles and 
                           lines across your brow. 
                           You will become a dad someday too. Keep your children safe with high moral 
                           convictions and respect for your children’s rights. Teach them values based on 
                           hard work with good times thrown in. Remind yourself often to count your 
                           fingers in frustrating moments with them. Pass on all you believe in a positive 
                           light, for your children will carry and pass all you give to their own.
                           I’ve saved many of your baby shoes. I get them out every so often and remind 
                           myself you are now a young man on your way down a new road. As you walk along 
                           take with you these thoughts and don’t forget to pick up your lost socks!
                           B.M. 2002


"No More Lost Socks"
was written
for my son Danny.
He recently
graduated from high school
and now will be traveling
a new path
in life.
I hated to see
him grow
up all of a sudden.
I must
hold him less tight
with directions
but, just as tight always
in my heart.



Danny & Allison's senior
prom picture.

My daughter Robin is 36,
and from the time she was
a child she literally has
no fear of anything. I
never ecpected to have such
a beautiful daughter much
less one who would willingly
fly a stealth bomber without
so much as blinking an eye.


Not An Ounce Of Fear

I wait, look, listen. Lightening shatters the black sky; a funnel sweeps me up. Angry clouds swallow me; my heart is excited with fear. I look for more.

I search flattened towns; the eye follows me; the risk is a thrill. My veins are bulging with blood now, racing against time.

The rains pour like silver from the heavens; let me stand in it; lift me higher and higher. The hurricane winds tear me free from the ground.

I hear a jet cracking the clouds in their sound. I’ll race, run till I drop. A wish for one swoop under me; take me to meet the eagles high.

The floods are ripping the earth inch by inch; give me my arms to swim the rage. I’ll not calm the mighty waters, let me tumble against every bolder.

I’ll fall from the sky to the oceans depth, the whale is what I want to challenge; he’ll know I’m there. We both are survivors of the unknown.

The roller coaster roars at a hundred miles per hour, I want to get out,hang from the bar as it rips around; I’ll feel an electrical charge.

I’ve not tasted it all, the thrill others run from; I’ll trip the light fantastic in a volcano flow.

Mother Earth unleash your anger,

You belong to me………………………

Bette Mioduski 1998

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Soon will post
a picture of my
handsome son and
one of my fearless
beautiful daughter.