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~~Personal Info~~

~~Personal Info~~
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I've been writing poetry/prose for more than six years. Poetry is another demension of communicating to others in a special way..... Transcending reality and feelings from the mind and all life's up's and downs.
There are very special people in my life. My son and my daughter ,they are the light of my life.
My son & his beautiful wife recently had a beautiful healthy baby boy, they named him Cody. Now I have four very special people in my life.
And, there is a special person who has inspired me like no other. I could not have ever written a single line of poetry without his presence....Ravens. You are more than a mere man and your name is more than a description.
Thank you Ravens, for being as special as you are.:O )
P.S. Come back often____There will always be something new to read.

In the gratitude journal
of my heart,
your name comes up
again & again-

Because we don't
think about
future generations,
they will
never forget us.
-Henrik Tikkanen